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Recovery Workshop Level 1 (one on one)

This is a one on one level 1 (basics) recovery workshop. We will learn what recovery gear you should carry and how to safely self recover your rig.

Recovery Workshop Level 1 (one on one)
Recovery Workshop Level 1 (one on one)

Time & Location

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We come to you


About the Event


Welcome to the Venture Unknown recovery workshop! This is your first step in learning how to offroad responsibly, recover safely, and with the proper gear.


Too many people go offroad without the proper knowledge and gear of how to self recover their rig if the unfortunate may happen. Go out enough and its not a matter of if , but when you will need these skills. We want to teach you the lessons many of us have learned BEFORE something happens. Using the wrong gear, the wrong way could lead to serious injury or death.  Our motto..... Planning will only get you so far.....PREPARATION IS EVERYTHING. We have learned through our many travels of some of the toughest trails in America what to do and what NOT to do.We are passionate about passing these lessons onto you. 


Sean Clark (Venture Unknown lead guide)

Offroading and versed in trail recovery for the past 25 years, lead trail guide since 2020.

1 on 1 personal training

This class will be a 1 on 1 class so we can be thorough with your understanding of recovery basics. This class can move at your own pace and we encourage questions and full understanding before moving on.


Time can be scheduled at your convience.


We can discuss a location convenient to you  or we have private locations available.

Class length:

Appx 3 hours

Below are some of the subjects we will cover in this hands on class......


This of course is the main objective of this class. How to safely recover a vehicle and to do so without damaging your rig. Improper use of recovery equipment can cause serious harm to not only your rig, but more importantly yourself. 

Recovery Bag and what gear should be in it?

-terminology (What is a snatch block?)

-recommendations (What kind of strap do i need?)

-gear ratings (working load limits WLL vs minimum break strength MBS)

Driving tips

-proper throttle control

-use of rig specific features (Atrac, Crawl Control, etc)

-how to avoid rollovers

-avoiding getting stuck in the first place

-obstacle navigation

Winching Tips and Recovery Techniques


-hilift jacks and other jacks

-traction boards

-trail repairs (tires, parts, tools)

Winch Info

 -winch types (What winch do I need to buy for my vehicle?)

-winch hooks

-cable vs synthetic

A full copy of the syllabus will be sent to you in a hard copy or digital. We also will gift you a Venture Unknown Recovery Workshop patch with all level 1 training.

Level 2 training 

Interested in putting your level 1 lesson to work? Let Venture Unknown plan and organize an adventure into some of the wildest locations this region can offer. Coppinger Cove, Kentucky Adventure Tour, Windrock Park, Uwharrie NF, and many more locations. Wanting a little milder adventure? We are local to the Georgia Traverse and Jocassee Gorges. Let us know if interested in advanced real life scenerio training. 

Lets get lost on purpose!

Contact Venture Unknown for availability before purchasing your class.


  • Recovery Workshop Level 1

    1 on 1 offroad driver training at a location and time of your choice.

    +$3.75 service fee



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