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Welcome to Venture Unknown Experiences..... 

Do you seek a TRUE adventure? Do you have that passion that pushes you to get outdoors and experience the rugged beauty of the world we live in through adventure vehicle travel?

Sean Clark invites you to put on your adventure hat and get ready for a Venture into the Unknown that when you return…..words will fail you to describe what you experienced! 

All VU experiences have 3 very important elements to them that we’d like to share below.



Exploration is the heartbeat of our endeavors! Rooted at our core is an undeniable primal yearning for a nomadic existence. It's about the allure of the unknown—what lies beyond the next bend, across the river, or over the mountain. For us, it's not just about reaching a destination; it's the profound joy found in the journey itself!



We live, we learn, we share! Every VU ride is a chance to gain skills like rig recovery, wild camping tips, trail navigation, gear recommendations, and much more. No one's born with these skills, but we'll teach you! Join us to learn how to embrace the wild and return home safely. Knowledge shared is adventure multiplied!



The unknown can be intimidating, but our desire to share our discoveries and experiences drives us. We warmly invite you to take a chance with VU and join us in the journey. Over the past four years, we've fostered a vibrant community of remarkable individuals who have made this journey truly unforgettable. It's the people who make it special, and we're eager to welcome you to Venture into the Unknown.

From Mild to Wild

Unleash your inner child and explore our 2024 schedule of adventures! From multi-day expedition-style escapes to weekend getaways through breathtaking National Forests, we cater to all tastes. Choose your journey based on your comfort level and vehicle capabilities, with our diverse range of adventures to suit every need. Let the journey begin!

What level of adventure do you seek?

VU 1

The Explorer

Stock 4x4 friendly, gravel roads, clear itinerary, camping is the focus.

ie (Tour of Blue Ridge Parkway, Vortex Springs, Swimming Holes and Waterfalls)


The Adventurer

4x4 with suggested rig requirements (see specific ride for details), long seat times possible (appx 8 hours), pinstripes likely, long distance travels, wheel rash possible.

ie (Kitty KAT, Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway, WR Birthday Bash)


The Overlander

4x4 with mild mods (mild lift, all terrain tires) long seat times possible but not planned, mild pinstripes may occur. 

ie (Peaks 2 Shore, Harmon Den Tour)


Venture Unknown

4x4 with strict rig requirements (see specific ride for details), unknown camp arrival times, long distance travel, unknown seat times, pinstripes inevitable, wheel rash inevitable, body damage may occur but never intended. Not full size truck or trailer capable. This level is a TRUE adventure and can be the most rewarding but is not easy.

ie (KAT Unleashed, OOAT, Coppinger Cove)

Camping type:

All camps for these adventures will be dispersed style camping, unless otherwise stated in trip details. Meaning there are no bathrooms, running water, or electricity available at camps. We can educate newbies on how to camp in this manner. Do not be afraid to ask questions leading up to this adventure or join us for a hands-on workshop prior to the ride. This is a REAL adventure and can be very rewarding when prepared properly.

What to bring?

Everything to be self-sustained for multiple days in the wild. This should include proper clothing for the season, footwear (water resistant recommended), food, trail snacks, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, rain gear, and most important the right attitude. If you forgot something we will give you the shirt off our back but please plan ahead. Don't be shy, ask questions. We love to help people enjoy this hobby.


Before the trip: 

We will be available for any questions you may have. We can be reached by phone, messenger, or email.  Sean will also create a chat for all that are planning to come appx a week before the event.


During the trip:  

We use GMRS radios during our rides. We highly recommend this type of communications. If you need recommendations on what to buy we will be glad to help. If you aren't able to secure a radio for the ride, we will provide a loaner. We will use GMRS CH17 (462.600) 



About Sean

Sean has been the lead guide of VU for the past 4 years. He has logged 1000s of miles into the wild and has built a thriving 5000 member overlanding community. He has over 25 years of primitive camping under his belt and a slew of campfire stories to share. He believes we all have that lil kid in us that has that desire to EXPLORE! He invites you on the journey to find that perfect campsite, to gather around the campfire with friends you simply haven't met yet, and to learn things on these trips that will stay with you forever into your personal journey. Venture Unknown was built with the passion to share the journey and to do so responsibly. Sean is a certified Treadlightly tread trainer and will share the principles that he has learned while on trail. He has been the chairman of Venture Unknown Foundation since 2023. VUF was founded on the deep love and determination to Restore the Outdoors for our younger generations. 

Giving Back

10% of all ticket sales will be pledged to organizations that are working hard to bring communities together and make the world a better place. 


For every guided mile we traverse, we are committed to pulling Oscar, the trash trailer for the Venture Unknown Foundation. This initiative is our pledge to support and contribute to their commendable efforts in cleaning up our National Forest.


Events will open February 7th

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