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Tue, May 02


Turkey Bay OHV

Venture Between The Lakes (LBL)

Venture Unknown is headed to Land Between the Lakes (LBL)!!!!!

Its not time yet
Drawing is Feb 8th @7pm
Venture Between The Lakes (LBL)
Venture Between The Lakes (LBL)

Time & Location

May 02, 2023, 12:00 PM EDT – May 07, 2023, 10:00 AM EDT

Turkey Bay OHV, 80 Turkey Creek Rd, Murray, KY 42071, USA


About the Event


Welcome to Venture Between the Lakes!!

I'd like to welcome the team that was randomly chosen to join us for this adventure!

Please be sure to read over all the details below.

What is LBL?

There is a place that is known as Land Between the Lakes, also commonly known as LBL. The locals sometimes call it Land between the Rivers. LBL is the largest inland peninsula in the US weighing in at 170,000-acres and is nestled between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake . Approximately 110,000 acres of LBL are in Kentucky and 60,000 acres are in Tennessee. It makes up one of the largest, contiguous blocks of public land in the southeastern United States. LBL is rooted deep in history and is home to all kinds of points of interest, bison, some old iron ore furnaces, folklore, 270 cemeteries, 300 miles of beautiful shoreline, a place called Hotel California, and of course many many offroading trails! We have set aside 4 days and 4 nights to do some REAL exploring into this vast area.

What to expect

This is Venture Unknown …… Some may not know what that means exactly. So I will try and explain here. LBL is somewhat a wild place and unfamiliar to a lot of us and why we call it EXPLORING . This particular adventure is one that is designed to be loose ended. Which means that we stress more preparation than we do planning. Plans may fail but preparation both mentally and with proper gear will keep things fun and exciting. The goal is to explore as much of LBL as we can with the time allotted. Each day will consist of waking up around 7am, eating breakfast, having a driver's meeting, and riding trails while also actively looking for the next night's camp. Every night will be a different camp and will be a dispersed type camp. What this means is no facilities(no bathrooms,no toilets, no water, no electricity). COME PREPARED. It also means seat times can become long. We will do our best to pre plan campsites but there are no guarantees of when we will roll into camp. We will be off grid for multiple days without services like grocery stores and gas stations. These type adventures REQUIRE an adventurous spirit of whatever will be will be. These are the adventures VU is known for. All rigs will need to be outfitted properly to endure this adventure.(see rig/gear requirements).  If this does not sound fun to you, I would suggest you reconsider attending.  I want to be as forthcoming as possible on expectations and give us the best chance of having an epic adventure!  We are a team, if one falls, we all fall.


Tues May 2nd-Sunday May 7th


Currently we are still scouting for a Tues May 2nd rally point. We need to all stage for the May 3rd 8am drivers meeting.

Stay tuned for camp coordinates. (Will be communicated many times prior to May 2nd)

The Itinerary

  • May 2nd (Tues) is a travel day to a rally point TBD
  • May 3rd Wed morning @ 8am is our first drivers meeting (all should be present)
  • Wed-Sun will be days full of camping and exploring trails
  • May 7th (Sun) is a travel day back home after breakfast

Rig Requirements

  • 33in all terrain tires required / Mud Terrains recommended
  • 2in lift required / 3in recommended
  • Complete recovery gear required (shackles, straps, tree savers, kinetic rope, snatch block or ring, tire repair kit,)
  • Recovery points both front and rear
  • Spare parts and tools specific to your rig
  • If you do not feel comfortable with your skills it is recommended you sign up for a recovery/ driving workshop either thru VU or another source.
  • Full size spare
  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Winch is recommended but not required as long as you have gear and recovery points
  • GMRS radios

Gear Suggestions

  • A few of us will need to carry a chainsaw
  • Swimsuit for swimming
  • Gloves
  • 3-5 bundles of firewood (suppose to be sourced from nearby or be certified)
  • Extra water 1 gallon per day per person
  • Extra fuel 2-5 gallons
  • Bug spray
  • Toiletries
  • Trail snacks

Communication before the ride

Communication leading up to and during a ride is essential to a successful adventure.

  • It is required to stay up to date on all communication.
  • Leading up to departure day we will accomplish this in ways of an event chat using FB messenger.
  • This event chat should primarily be a means for myself to get important updates out to the team and to answer questions the team may have.
  • If we want to show excitement for the ride it is encouraged to do so on the VU page and not in the chat
  • This chat should always respect “quiet times”  before 7am- after 9pm.
  • The idea is to prevent people from muting the chat and therefore missing important info/updates.
  • We also will have appx 2-3 video conference calls leading up to the adventure to ensure we all are on track with planning. I will communicate these dates thru messenger and by emailing calendar invites directly to you.
  • GMRS during the ride
  • Radios are not only used for safety, spotting, recoveries, but also is a fun way we stay connected when we pull out of camp and have long days in the seat.
  • GMRS radios are a requirement for this ride
  • GMRS recommendation

VU cost

As far as Venture Unknown cost…..These rides are based on donations to VU. The money collected helps us provide a better experience for the community we are trying to build as well as provide funds for current and future stewardship projects. Plus there is a lot of time that goes into planning a ride like this and any donation is always appreciated. Other ways to support the VU mission is to become a Patreon supporter. Ask me how. We love it when people donate but it is not a requirement either. The ticket cost is open ended during the registration process. PLEASE do not give too much money or any at all if it puts you in a bind.

Other cost

There are permits that need to be purchased (see below) that will run about $20 per person for the time we will be there. There are self pay campgrounds that we will avoid to use if possible. Our plan is to disperse camp only, which the mentioned permit covers.

Individual cost is relative to your taste in food, the MPG of your rig, and how far your home point is from LBL.



To be able to disperse camp within the LBL it requires a permit. Please follow the steps below.

**You will need a permit for every person over the age of 18 in your rig.

**The max permit is for 3 days. Therefore you will need one for May 2nd-May 4th AND May 5th-May 7th. You should have 2 permits in your cart per person in your rig

You have to create an account to purchase a permit

Create an account

The link below will take you to the page to sign in and purchase a permit.


General info on LBL

LBL Camping Info and rules


Maps come prepared

GAIA (GPX) (trail system, gas stations, auto parts, hospital)


Important to download google maps offline prior to arriving. This helps incase of an emergency when no cell signal is available.


  • Reading of the Venture Unknown code of conduct is required. If you don't know where to find this then please ask.
  • Within the policy of this event is a waiver you agree to by signing up for this adventure.
  • There will be appx 10-14 rigs on this ride. We ask that you bring your patience. We treat every person as a team member and you will be expected to act as such. This means there may be physical activities such as ….stacking rocks, walking in mud, uphills, clearing trees, weather related struggles.
  • Last Walmart stop 14800 Fort Campbell Blvd, Oak Grove, KY 42262 (also in the GAIA file)
  • Last fuel stop Sinclair Gas Station 351 Canton Ln, Cadiz, KY 42211 (also in the GAIA file)
  • Need to be self sustained and self reliant for multiple days. Services such as a grocery store, fuel, supplies are not convenient to the LBL. If you have to split off from the group it could cost logistic issues for the team. We always help one another when it comes to forgetting something. We do our best to ensure no one goes without if all possible. We will give you the shirt off our back, but prefer you bring one.

In the case someone drops out…..

We will refund any donations given.

We offer the spot to the very next time stamped entry during pre registration.

Ok are you ready???? Do you have any questions???? Reach out and ask BEFORE committing.



    This is your ticket to ADVENTURE

    Pay what you want
    Sale ended



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