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*The VU Trash Trailer Project*

Cleanup rides are an important part of Venture Unknown doing our part to keep trails accessible. Getting the trash out of the forest was a challenge when you drive a fully outfitted overlanding rig. Then came the idea to build an overland trailer that it's sole purpose would be to remove thousands of pounds of trash to disposal centers. VU applied for the BFG Outstanding Trails grant and was awarded funds to begin the build. We reached out to our group for sponsorships to build the trailer and now it is currently being built with 100% donations from neighboring groups, companies, and members. 

-The Huffman's / Wiring

-Timbren / Axles, Hubs, Spindles

-JC Customs / Armor

- The Thomsons / Lead Fabricator 

- Cleaner Image / Lock & Roll Hitch 

-Empire Offroad LED / Lights

-Superstar Customs / Redarc Brake Controller

-BFGoodrich / Tires

-Yotamafia / Wheels

-LFD OFFROAD / Laser Cutting Sponsor Logos 

TEQ Customs LLC / Tongue Jack


Graffiti Removal Project

Venture Unknown was honored to partner with Tread Lightly! and Currahee Clean-up Project in December of 2022 to help remove graffiti from Currahee Mountain. 

We learned so much during this event and are planning to use these techniques in our future clean-up of Bell Mountain. If you want to join in on the fun and helping restore nature back to its rightful beauty please reach out and let us know. Always looking for volunteers. 


Sweep Up the Southeast

We believe in the Treadlightly principle "Do your part", so to support this principle the VU Team decided to put together 7 stewardship teams that would embark on 5 states across the Southeast.

The idea?

To divide and conquer 7 VU teams across 5 states with as many VU members in each team that we can handle picking up as much trash as possible in one single day.  

The plan?

For VU members to pick a team/area that was relatively close to them. There was 5 separate events created on the website for this effort. These teams had an approximate max rig count of 10. Reason being is we also planned to camp and camps are limited in size. Plus the team captains needed to manage the ride efficiently. 

The goal?

Restore some of our most treasured camps, forest roads and waterways across the Southeast back to their natural state of beauty. We removed 12,000 lbs of trash collectively during this event. 

This will continue to be an annual event planned, supported, and encouraged by VU. 

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