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Winter Wonderland @ Windrock 2024

Below you will find many details regarding this event. What? When? Where? Cost? 

It is extremely important to take the time needed to read over this info. Being informed is key to you having  fun, staying safe, knowing what to expect, and is essential to a successful event. Things like rig requirements, permits, accommodations, discounts, and code of conduct. It's a lot I know but it's listed to help you know what's ahead.

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Teams are being put together as we speak. Be on the lookout after Christmas for your captain to reach out and add you to your team chat! 

#WWW2024 Swag is in the VU Store. Hoodies, Long Sleeve Shirts, T-Shirts are going to be ON SALE for LIMITED TIME, ONE TIME ONLY, make sure you don't miss out!!!

Registration Info

****Opens Oct 1st @ 7pm eastern time

*****Early access and discounts for patreons Sept 25 @ 7pm eastern time

To join the Venture Unknown patreon please visit here…

Venture Unknown | creating a community | Patreon



The What:

Venture Unknown's biggest event of the year! Held at the 73000 acre park WINDROCK every year since 2021!!  Get ready for some of the best off-roading this side of the Mississippi!!! Windrock Park is the largest off-road park in the country and we will spend 4 action packed days there! Camping, live music, veteran raffles, big raffles, educational workshops, return of the chili cook off, and of course team based trail rides throughout the 300+ miles of this offroad mecca!! It is meant to bring folks together for fun, teamwork, and camaraderie. If you seek REAL adventure, community, and a little bit of chaos……this is the event for you!!

Everything VU does revolves around 3 guiding principles…. Explore, Educate, and Encourage. We hope you experience all of those here at WWW!!!

The When:

January 11th - 15th,


The Where: 


Phone # 8654353492

Pavillon / Event location

599 Windrock Park Ln

Oliver Springs, TN 37840

General Store location  *Get Permits Here

921 Windrock Rd

Oliver Springs, TN 37840  

Campground Office *Get Permits Here

555 Windrock Park Ln

Oliver Springs, TN 37840 



Vendor Row

Flex Ramp

Live Music


What's INCLUDED???

Food Drive

Chili Cook-off

Team Trail Rides

Food Truck

Ticket packages

This year tickets have been simplified.

All attendees must have a ticket

*Driver ticket with event (swag) pack includes 1-4 days : $110

*Passenger ticket (no rig) event pack sold separately: $12

*Extra event pack: 5 raffle tickets and swag $30

*Raffle ticket packages:  $18 online now or 5 for $20 at the event

 ent pack. YOUR RIG : $45 1-4 days camping included.


Rig Requirements

Listed below are the minimum requirements needed to attend this event.

*31s ATs minimum / 33s MTs recommended

*Factory skids minimum

*Sliders and armor recommended

*Rear and front recovery points MANDATORY (hitch shackle is fine)

*Winch recommended but not required

*Recovery gear mandatory (minimum required shackles, straps, full size spare tire) recommended gear to also include (snatch blocks, kinetic rope, spare parts (ie CV axles)

*Safety equipment mandatory ie first aid kit, fire extinguisher

*GMRS radio Handheld or hard mount and a way to charge them. Loaners avail but best to be self reliant GTX1000 Midlands are decent Midland 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio - Long Range Walkie Talkie with 142 Privacy Codes, SOS Siren, and NOAA Weather Alerts and Weather Scan (Black/Silver, Pair Pack)

Permit Info 


Park permits are required per person per day  (INCLUDING passengers) that enter the trail system. Annual Permits are available and recommended if you ever plan to return to the park. Permits are available for purchase from the campground office or general store.

Park permits are NOT included in this event and must be purchased separately.

VERY IMPORTANT to arrive with your park permit in hand for EVERYONE in your party at check in.

VERY IMPORTANT if permit is bought online you still MUST go to campground office or general store and print your hard copy NO EXCEPTIONS


For cost per day or annual passes please visit this link

General Store | WINDROCK PARK - The South's Premier Off-Road Adventure Park

Volunteers…. yea YOU!!!

It takes a village to help this event kick butt!! The form link below will take you to the sign up. All volunteers will be invited to a staff only lunch and Blue hound BBQ plate is on us! We also will give you 10 raffle tickets at the event. Special color event hoodies \ shirts avail with a discount code. (Wait to order yours till you have been contacted via email and offered a position) Plus a 10% promo code for event ticket by request only. 

Link to form here. Volunteer Form

 SWAG!!!! ON SALE NOW in VU Store

Shirts and hoodies are not included in the ticket order and will need to be purchased separately. This will be for PREORDER ONLY. Pick up your order at event check in or mail to you in the case you do not make the event.   

Hoodies $40

Long sleeves $28

Short sleeves $23

Click here to get your SWAG..  



Q:What is in the event pack??

A: Event specific patch, sticker, gift from VU, (5) raffle tickets for you to use for general raffle. 

Q: Food Drive????

A: Well of course!! Venture Unknown believes community is wherever we are. Last year, we broke the county record for the most food donations brought in to the Oliver Springs Missionary. We are bringing it back this year in hopes to break our own record. This year we were asked to bring hygiene items too since that isn't covered under food stamps. We will give up to 10 raffle tickets to each individual that donates an item to this effort. 1 raffle per item. Thank you VU for the compassion that continues to live within this group!!


Q: Where are we sleeping???

A: Your ticket covers camping in the event area for up to 4 nights (Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun) Any early arrival you will need to provide your own accommodations as the event area will not open till 8am Jan 11th, Thursday morning. Some have rented cabins at WR, AirBNB, discounted hotels (see below for info)  there are also reservable camps for $18 per night that are located outside the event that have water and power. To rent WR cabins are camps call the campground or reserve online. Info is listed below


Q: Camping in the field?? 

A: This is for those folks that want that REAL experience!! It is a 20 acre field that will be full of VU members enjoying the event to the fullest!! This is a primitive camping area. 4 porta potties will be near the pavilion. Bathrooms and bathhouse with warm water showers are located at the campground (appx a 10 minute walk from the pavilion). If choosing to camp in the event area please come prepared for cold weather camping. Wear appropriate shoes, wool socks, long johns, gloves, cold rated sleeping bags, hand warmers, diesel heaters (preferred) or lil buddy heaters. A ton of firewood will be at the pavilion for the group fire and fire pits. If you choose to have a fire at your camp you will need to provide it yourself.  All firewood should either be certified bug free or bought locally. Historically it has snowed and rained. The field can get very muddy boots are highly recommended. Hey its an off road event not a ballerina show leave the Nikes at home. . Come prepared and you will be fine.


Q: Is there an Itinerary ??

A: There will be a lot going on for the entire 4 days of this event. We will release a full itinerary very soon. A schedule will also be avail on site so you may stay informed on when and what is going on. You can best bet it'll be packed full of fun. Please stay tuned!


Q: How hard are the trails?? 

A: Windrock bases its trails on 4 categories: green (easy), blue (moderate), black (difficult), double black (extremely difficult) Weather can change these difficulties up a scale quickly. For this event all rigs need to be built to handle blue trails at minimum. We will not have a designated team running any other difficulty. NO GREEN TEAMS THIS YEAR due to unpredictability of weather turning green trails into blue ones. (ie snow, ice, rain). This is not a street tire / bone stock kind of event. Blue trails are doable with some experience, good spotters, and by following our minimum rig requirements below. We believe in helping folks gain confidence with their rig and look forward to growing to be better offroaders …. one trip, obstacle, mistake at a time. We highly recommend attending driving and recovery workshops at the event or prior. You will be in good hands as long as you do your part to prepare, listen, and learn.

Q: Why team based rides??

A: Venture Unknown believes in team mentality, we DO NOT encourage the good ol boy mentality.. Riding in a group can be very rewarding when you give it a chance. We build our teams starting with experienced captains and tailgunners, then we balance our teams with a mix of people that you may know and people you may not know. VU was built on this concept of meeting strangers on the trail. These strangers have now become some of our best friends. While on group rides you can expect communication, experienced spotters, gear suggestions, shenanigans on comms, confidence building, and an experience that we hope you will carry on to your next adventure. 


Q; How will the Teams be Structured ?

A: Teams will be no larger than 10 rigs (2 captains and 8 attendees) NO EXCEPTIONS, We want you folks to experience Windrock to the fullest and do not want to bog down the team with too many people. This is why this event is capped at 200 rigs. (20 teams @ 10 rigs each) We realize all events are not run this way. But we are not those events. (see why team rides above). NO you may not just show up and jump on a team. We do not own Windrock Park. Anyone with a permit can come ride the park any day or part they wish. We ask to honor this request out of respect. The people in this event don't want 20 people dropping on their team.  Imagine if 100 people just showed up and jumped on a team? You are now weighing down that team and overloading that captain. Everyone on our teams purchased a ticket and followed our request. You are welcome to do the same if tickets are still available. We thank everyone for understanding this structure.


Q: How will I be assigned a team??

A: We build teams from questions asked during registration. You are assigned a team by either requesting a captain listed or by specifics asked about your rig and experience. We can not guarantee you will get the captain of your choice due to (8) limited spots available per team. Please know mixing it up and trusting our process is how VU group rides have existed forever. Fill out registration questions carefully!

Let’s Work Together: Vendors and Sponsors

We invite vendors and sponsors to be a part of Winter Wonderland. VU has a philosophy called… “Full circle” We love to have sponsors for many reasons.One of those is so we may share your great product with our active community. We also like to thank our attendees by having a chance to win one of your products in one of our many raffles. Our community gets out and does so often! We are always looking for quality gear. Don't miss the chance to support an event of people that truly do appreciate YOU! Past WWW raffles have helped get companies names out there and hopefully new customers. Last year we had companies such as BFGoodrich, Morimoto, LFDoffroad, Taruca, Battlebuddy rallypoint and many more!! We have 4 different raffles to donate towards (General, Veteran, First Responders, and Venture Unknown Foundation.) Our goal this year???? Make sure every veteran walks away with a prize. After all, they deserve it. If you are interested in supporting this amazing event or wish to set up on our vendor row please fill out the following form. No donation is too small. We are simply grateful!

Click the link to sign up and sponsor Winter Wonderland . Sponsorship form

If you want to be a sponsor but need more details, fill out contact info below and someone will be in touch. 

Thanks for submitting!

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