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So what is Venture Unknown?

We are a very active adventure group based in the Southeast United States.  You will be hard pressed to find a group who hits the trails as often and as hard as this group. If getting outdoors is your thing..... You are home!  VU host monthly group rides all over the country with different levels of intensity. We enjoy sharing "the ride" with the intentions of experiencing the beauty of the outdoors that without a 4x4 you would never see. 

Our mission is to become the very best we possibly can at overlanding/offroading so we may pass it down to others. We welcome everyone who may share the passion of exploration to join us on the journey. Rather you are a beginner or an experienced offroader this is a home for you. 


Our values start with the people of this community first and foremost, then we strive to be great stewards of the land and lastly is to build the most capable rigs we possibly can to handle the elements. We also host clean up trail rides and believe that education on how to wheel responsibly is our duty. Camaraderie and compassion runs deep in this group!

KO2 rolling BGF tread pattern.png



"My husband brought me along on a ride with VU. I wasn't sure what to expect but these people are having so fun much! I had a blast and have already found many lifelong friends. I'm always excited for the next adventure!"

Teri P.



When people ask "What is Venture Unknown"? Its better to show than to tell....  Check out our adventures over at our Youtube channel.  Make sure you like and subscribe so you don't miss any new additions.